Use Your Imagination! The Standard of Ur

My approach to these posts has been based on the fact that you can get facts and figures and academic investigations all over the Web.  So I want to give you some perspective, make some connections.  From my personal observations, I hope to tap into something universal and to give you the freedom to observe and explore, to come to your own conclusions, and to learn from art — not only to learn about art, but also through art.

Having said that, I’m going to start out this post with some information, because the Standard of Ur is one of my favorite pieces of art (How many times have I said that now?) and one that is not so well known.  It’s really fun to look at (and to say!), yet we may not know what to make of it:

(Standard of Ur, 2600-2400 BC, British Museum, London)

First of all, what’s a standard?  Continue reading