“Screw this, I’m making horses.”

Deborah Butterfield’s horses are one of my favorite things, from her sculpture at the Chazen Museum of Art:

Deborah Butterfield, Horse Sculpture

to the horse that I get to see in the window of the Museum of Contemporary Art every time I walk down State Street in Madison:

Deborah Butterfield, Horse Sculpture

It’s a good thing that there are a lot of them around, because they’re so fun to come across.  They’re recognizable (once you’ve seen a few, you’ll always get it right – impress your friends!) and engaging — somehow you want to stand and look at them for quite some time. Continue reading


Modigliani, Meet Dr Who

Growing up, Amedeo Modigliani was my favorite artist.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because his paintings were different.  Maybe because I was intrigued by the romance of his life (better described as tragedy, but which seemed romantic and exotic to me then).   Now that I think about it, it probably had as much to with the fact that no one else I knew liked him (or knew about him?) as anything else.  I do know that it started with just liking the way his paintings look.  I had a postcard of “Woman with a Necklace” up in my room.

Amedeo Modigliani, Woman with a Necklace, 1917, Art Institute

And I had this one on the wall of  my college dorm room (Yes.  Art. Nerd.):

What appealed to me later, though, were the African influences on his work.   Continue reading

art in the blink of an eye: Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s “The Umbrellas”

I’ve never loved Christo.  Always seemed too ostentatious, maybe, or pretentious.  But then I saw his and Jeanne-Claude’s drawings for ” The Umbrellas: Joint Project for Japan and USA.”  It was love at first sight.  I can’t show you here how beautifully they’re displayed at the Chazen Museum of Art, but maybe you can get some idea:

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