Blog Resister!

I’ve resisted blogging for awhile now.  Seriously resisted it.  I just haven’t been able to figure out why anyone other than family and friends would care what I have to say.  But it’s kind of been building up, and then two things happened yesterday.  I saw a dvd on Sean Scully (the artist — more about him next time) that was called, “Art comes from need.”  And I started thinking about that.  I think that I’m finally to the point where I need to do this.  And I’m finally to the point where I can do something creative and accept that it will never be perfect.  Although you wouldn’t know it based on how many times I’ve re-written this post!   Then I ran into a friend who was reading a book that had something to do with Sister Wendy (the nun of the tv series on art), and my friend was talking about what a recluse Sister Wendy is, what interesting takes she has on art, but that in my friend’s opinion, art is something that should be done with other people.  By this she meant (I know because I asked her) that art should be looked at and experienced with other people — you get so much more out of it when you hear what other people are seeing, what they think about what you’re looking at or experiencing together.  For the most part, I agree with her. Of course there are times when I indulge in a spin through a museum all by myself.   But most of the time I want to talk about what I’ve seen.  So I’m hoping that this blog can be interactive, as much as a blog can be interactive.  If you’re reading this, I really want your thoughts and opinions, so comment away!

I’ll get to the unfinished business that I have with art history later.  And how and why and what art is stuck in my eye.


One thought on “Blog Resister!

  1. Oh-Emm-Gee I love it and I lovelovelove that you’re doing this. I think it’s what I was thinking about what I made that comment to you about you writing. You have so much to say and I know I personally would benefit from your thoughts and point of view. I don’t know if art must be experienced with others, as it can be such a very personal experience, but I do know that when I’ve heard others point of view, my own perceptions have been oftentimes enhanced. Do this thing, I’m so excited!

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